Wawa Technologies | Imagine, We make it.
Wawa, Imagine We Make It!. Wawa is the biggest Multimedia R&D Company in Ecuador; with products from simple web design to complex automation services using AR+VR
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Somos expertos creativos en la investigación técnica. Tenemos soluciones que nadie más ofrece porque nuestro laboratorio de investigación produce un catálogo más grande todos los días.


¿Algún requerimiento complicado? No importa, Wawa lo soluciona.
100% del código con el que trabaja Wawa, es de Wawa. Esto quiere decir que no hay licencias ocultas, precios sorpresa y lo más importante, podemos editar TODO lo que necesites,


No diseñamos nada parecido al resto; nosotros materializamos tus ideas y desarrollamos resultados. Juntamos la precisión de la ingeniería con el alma del arte.

Soluciones perfectas

Justo para ti

Augmented Reality

We are the best and most exclusive AR content creators and producers in Ecuador.

All thanks to our W-AR Engine; an In-house developed software for Augmented Reality, that let us deliver the best possible quality on every single step of our work.

And since we completely own our dev. software, there is no hard task that we cannot materialize into reality.

All this is delivered on record time and at the best price on the market.

Virtual Reality

We offer one the largest range of VR products nationwide. Including:

  • 360 Tours
  • VR Games
  • BTL Advertising
  • Mixed Reality (RV+RA)
  • Simulations
  • Militar Training
  • Environment Simulations
  • Realtime Camera Vision

There’s no small nor huge task for us. We can develop whatever your business needs or imagination require.

Open CV

The core and mother of all our development.
In case you have a very specific need that no one else can accomplish, our huge development database might do the job.
With this technology you can generate from simple and funny Snapchat® filters, to complex identity detection systems.
The computer vision field is a new tendency in the world of security and interactive content & media

Design and App Development

We have developed and designed a wide range of products: From simple landing pages, to complex security apps. If your company has a specific need but lacks of time or control/dev staff, just leave it to the Wawa team. You will see that your dream app or web will not only look gorgeous but also will work like a Swiss clock.

All this is possible thanks to our unique team of engineers and designers that work together as one.


Nosotros nos encargamos del resto.

Our Awards