About Us - Wawa Technologies
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About Us

Our Work

We are the number one multimedia R&D company in Ecuador. We have a team of highly trained creative professionals in all areas of the organization. This allows us to guarantee the best quality in every stage of our work with the best prices on the market.

In Wawa, we always offer our best version. We love being challenged because we know that no matter how complex the requirements are, we can make them happen. That is why our research and development work has been proudly awarded nationally and internationally.

Nuestros Valores


We want to inspire the world, that’s why we are looking for new alternatives to do so. We solve any problem with unique ideas thought especially for you.


We love what we do, we see each challenge as an opportunity to do what we love.

Team Work

We make good connections with people. We have become good friends and mentors of each other because we know that if we work together we will go much further.


We believe in the dreams of our clients and we know that we can fulfill them.



We offer the best quality in all aspects of our work so we always deliver our best version.


We are committed to the maximum because we care very much the value of your words.